GetWork is committed to help in protecting student data.

We use the best data security practices to safeguard students throughout their career search

Students Control their Data

Students will always be in complete control of what, when and with whom they share their information with. With an easy interactive user interface, students decide how their profile appears to prospective employers and fellow colleagues. Students can seamlessly change data privacy settings to suit their preferences of details shared through their profile with their employer at any given stage.

Industry led data Protection Laws

GetWork prides itself on protecting personal or shared data for all its users, and complies with all network and data sharing laws under the Indian constitution. Partnering with industry leading tech-security firms, GetWork ensures that our students always have the advantage of maximum protection.

Validated Employers

GetWork is one of the first in the industry to screen employers with a two-step verification system that ensures that no counterfeit employers can enter the platform. The verification system ensures their professional credibility while also assuring that they would be able to foster exceptional professional experiences for our students.

Expert Community

Under the vast network of GetWork College community, it becomes easy to assess how an employer has been rated by fellow peers and experts in the employment field. Reviews with proven track records are an essential tool for students to assess whether they are willing to work for a particular employer and helps GetWork as an organisation to root out un-credible employers.

Encrypted and Secured

GetWork uses the world class network and software systems to ensure data encryption of all personal or shared spaces on the platform. The active use of TLS/SSL protocols, 256-bit AES data encryption and API call level software’s implemented are all implemented in the platform to ensure compliance of all data security laws and ensure that data control always remains with the student.

Your Security is Our Priority

GetWork is always concerned about making security one of its top priorities to ensure the safest and most reliable platforms to be used. No additional costs are ever applied to ensure that users have the complete assurance for safety and security of their data. All facilities and features of security and protection of data are included in the base price of the subscription, so from the very beginning, we at GetWork ensure a safe and protected environment for our users to prosper in.

GetWork provides colleges with a Peace of Mind

GetWork assures you the best practices when catering to your students. To learn more about how we can provide your establishment with custom solutions, schedule a demo with us.