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Switching systems can be a scary thought. We’ve designed GetWork to make it easy. Below you’ll find a list of common questions. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Think we missed something? Feel free to reach out we’d be happy to answer any remaining questions.

What Makes GetWork 10x Better?


When considering a new system it's worth asking - is the switch worth the improvement? Here are some of the top reasons people switch to GetWork:

  • GetWork has been shown to dramatically increase student engagement. When students are logging in more often career services can do their job more effectively.
  • Employers love that they can manage all their schools in one system. This has been shown to increase the number of employers connecting to schools. That means more opportunities for students.
  • GetWork is easy to use. After training one director said: "I don't think we'll even need the support documents it's just so easy to use."
  • It speeds up common workflows. For example, creating an advanced report in GetWork takes less than 30 seconds.
  • It's an open platform which means you can easily bring data in and out. Or if you'd like you can securely connect GetWork to other systems.
  • We're moving fast. We're building the future, today. All while keeping our users up-to-date with the changes and without disrupting workflows.

We'd love a chance to show you why GetWork is 10x better. Schedule a demo today: https://calendly.com/nidhi-getwork/university-success

Can I Try Before I Buy?


Of course! While we think some surprises can be good (like a surprise birthday party) we don't believe in surprises in software. After your personalized demo your GetWork account manager will send you credentials on how you can access a personalized demo account. These demo credentials will let you experiment with all three views (admin, students, and employers).

Do you have any technical documentation?


Absolutely! You can find all our technical documentation here:
documentation.getwork.org. This is a great resource to share with your IT team. It answers questions like "how do we sync data on our students?" and “how is data used by the users?”

Is GetWork Reliable?


Absolutely! GetWork is build on the same technology used by Twitter (Ruby on Rails). Our infrastructure uses the same provider that companies like Netflix use to handle tremendous amounts of traffic. Furthermore the system has been built from the ground up to scale instantaneously to meet demand. Combine this careful design with some of the best engineers in the country and you'll find that GetWork is the most reliable system available today.

Is GetWork Sustainable?


Absolutely. GetWork has been built over three years to make the life of career services easier. As with any enterprise application sustainability is a key. GetWork is a well funded venture backed company positioned for a long term place in the market. When you commit to GetWork you're investing in a long future of innovation.

Is GetWork Secure?


Absolutely! GetWork has been built and tested by experts in computer security. GetWork's infrastructure has successfully passed security audits by some of the top Universities in the world and sits on top of infrastructure proven by some of the largest companies around the globe.

Here are just a few of the security standards that GetWork complies to:
·      ISO 27001
·      SOC 1 and SOC 2 / SSAE 16 / ISAE 3402
·      PCI Level 1 data centers
·      FISMA Moderate
·      Sarbanes-Oxley

GetWork encrypts all data between our data center and the client machine to ensure it's protected from prying eyes. Furthermore, all data uploaded to GetWork is encrypted at rest while waiting to be synced with the main database. GetWork uses meticulous logging, vulnerability testing, and monitoring to ensure the complete safety and security of all school data.

Isn’t switching really hard?


When we were building GetWork we heard from directors that "they'd rather retire than switch systems" or "switching systems is like pulling teeth." So we designed GetWork to be a refreshing change of pace. We've built tools that make it easier to transition. Here are just a few things we've done:

  • You'll be assigned a dedicated integrationengineer who will help guide your team through the entire process
  • Created detailed IT documentation that will helpyour IT team quickly integrate GetWork
  • Created tools that allow for easy integration of your existing data
  • Created online courses that make it easy for your staff to onboard quickly
  • Provide direct support through the application

Generally the process of integration takes less than two weeks and is painless compared to other systems.

What’s included in GetWork’s base package?


GetWork isn't broken up into modules that you require you to pick and choose which elements you'd like. When you license GetWork you get everything. That includes everything we build currently, all future updates, and support for your staff, employers, and students.

How Much Does GetWork Cost?


At GetWork we understand that every institution is different. From student population to the number of administrators many variables are considered when giving a price quote. A few of the factors that we consider are:

  • Number of enrolled students
  • Number of staff members
  • General usage information
  • Current Budget
  • Multi-year contracting

Once a price is assigned there is no limit to the number of students, administrators, alumni, or employers that can be added to the system. For example, you could bring in 75,000+ alumni to GetWork without being charged extra.

You're in Great Company

Join 110+ colleges who are using GetWork to power world-class placement experience.
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What is GetWork

GetWork is a dynamic Career Platform that aims to improve the efficient College Placement system in India. Colleges use GetWork to connect with Companies hiring fresh graduates. This boosts the placement quality and number of opportunities available to all students.

How is it different from other platforms?

Other Job Portal platforms have an open source for all job listings and anyone can apply for jobs. GetWork helps narrow the funnel for Companies to connect with only potential Colleges for On Campus Drives.

For the Student job seekers, GetWork is a platform that gives them internship and placement opportunities from their first year of College. Students use this platform to get their career ready by our carefully curated content that is built by our in-house teams and various Industry experts.

How to create an account?

To create a GetWork account simply go to http://app.getwork.org/


How do Colleges use GetWork?

Colleges verify student data and choose which companies can hold On & Pool Campus opportunities with their students. They can track student placements from beginning to end and post jobs on behalf of companies as well.

What type of Companies are on GetWork?

Currently there are 250+ Companies. They are from various domain including Core, Information Technology, Business, EdTech, Accounts & Finance, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Service, Logistics, Manufacturing, Legal & Consulting industries.

Which Colleges are on GetWork?

We currently have 110+ Colleges with us across the nation. We have Private Universities, Colleges, Government Institutions and E-Learning Institutes on our platform. We are connected with leading IIMs, IITs and NITs as well.

What is the Pricing Plan?

To learn more about GetWork Pricing plans for Colleges, please submit a request using our Contact Form, stating "Pricing Request" in the message box.


How do Employers use GetWork?

Companies set up their public profile page to generate more engagement with students. They can post jobs immediately to any colleges and can filter data using any of our 20+ filter options. Our machine learning algorithms make the Sourcing and Screening 5x faster.

What is the Pricing Plan?

To view the current plans we offer Startups & Corporates please go to our GetWork for Employers page. Once you see a plan you want to opt for, please leave us a message using our Contact Form.

Can we conduct non placement hirings?

Yes you can. If you are not looking to participate in Campus Placement Drives, you can open your jobs on GetWork as an Off Campus opportunity, and open applications to all candidates on GetWork that match your criteria

Do you have experience candidates?

Yes we do, but limited. GetWork is dedicated to helping you with your early talent hires, those with 0-2 years of experience. However since we have partnered up with e-learning and training institutes, you can access our database of candidates with 2-7+ years of experience.


How do Students use GetWork?

Students complete their profiles and can apply to jobs easily without lengthy application processes. The entire process is automated and they can view the progress of their applications at every stage. While they wait they can build career skills by viewing content such as interview preparation.

I need a Job.

For students currently looking for opportunities, you simply need to go to http://app.getwork.org/ and sign up. Once you have completed your profile, you will see a list of jobs you are eligible for.

How do I improve my Resume?

You can look at our GetWork Youtube Channel to get more information on Resume tips. Our Blogs page will also provide you with the same information.

I need Career Advice.

If you have any career related information, please go to the GetWork for Students page and enter your queries using the form. Our career counselors will get back to you shortly.

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